Fundraising Achievements

Since 2001, the Danbury Patient Involvement Group have provided equipment to both Danbury Medical Centre and Wyncroft Surgeries to help make life a little easier for patients.  These items include:

(2019) Blood Pressure Monitor, ECG recorder, Dopla machine
(2017) 24-hour ECG recorder, Ear Syringe Irrigation Systems, Ultra-sound Monitor
(2017) Resuscitation Trolley
(2015) 24-hour ECG recorder, Pulse Oximeter x 2
(2014) Liquid Nitrogen Store
(2014) Danbury & Bicknacre First Responders – new training aids for rescuscitation
(2013) Bladder Scanner
(2012) 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor
(2011) Heavy Duty Cauterisation Set, EGR test equipment
(2010) INR test equipment
(2009) Spirometer
(2007) Dermoscope and digital camera
(2006) ECG unit