Fundraising Achievements

PIG Fundraising

Chairman of PIG presenting the Bladder Scanner

PIG committe presenting Dermoscope & Digital Camera

Chairman presenting items in July 2017

Eleanor Dove presenting Heavy Duty Cauterisation Set











Since 2001, the Danbury Patient Involvement Group have provided equipment to both Danbury Medical Centre and Wyncroft Surgeries to help make life a little easier for patients.  These items include:

(2017) 24-hour ECG recorder
(2017) Ear Syringe Irrigation Systems x 2
(2017) Ultra-sound Monitor
(2017) Resuscitation Trolley
(2015) 24-hour ECG recorder
(2015) Pulse Oximeter x 2
(2014) Liquid Nitrogen Store
(2013) Bladder Scanner
(2012) 24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor
(2011) Heavy Duty Cauterisation Set
(2011) EGR test equipment
(2010) INR test equipment
(2009) Spirometer
(2007) Dermoscope and digital camera
(2006) ECG unit

During 2014, we also provided Danbury & Bicknacre First Responders with new training aids for rescuscitation.

Danbury & Bicknacre First Responders receiving the resusitation training aids